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From May 1922 Thum's name disappears from the Plattville records, to reappear by midsummer of the following year at Eustace (some 11 miles east of Moorefield on Plum Creek). His new employer was Miss Nellie Wotton, who, as the only daughter of the Eustace feed magnate and entrepreneur Mercury Wotton had lived seventy one years of her life in quite modest conditions until the death of her father at the advanced age of ninety three when, as sole surviving heiress, she inherited not only Wotton Estates but apparently Mercury Wotton's obsession with ‘the garden’ as well. Here Thum again applied himself with imagination and energy. Numerous exotics flowered for the first time in Eustace county or perhaps in all of south western Nebraska, many of them introduced by his own hand following a visit to Iowa in 1924.


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