...a portion of a meteor which fell to earth in 1492...


In accordance with the faith of the elect of God, God's sage servants,
holy and orthodox, who had received God's holy Spirit,
I learned these things from participants in wisdom,
skilful, taught by God in every way and wise.
In their steps came I, stepping with the same opinions,
the notorious, the one who suffered much for God's glory;
having learned from God I myself know wisdom and knowledge.

God then himself is in essence ineffable to all.
He alone has neither equal nor like, none comparable in glory;
We call him Unbegotten because of the one in nature begotten;
We raise hymns to him as Unbegun because of him who has beginning.
We adore him as eternal because of the one born in time.
The Unbegun appointed the Son to be Beginning of things begotten,
and bore him as his own Son, in this case giving birth.
He has nothing proper to God in his essential property,
for neither is he equal nor yet consubstantial with him.

Wise is God, since he himself is Wisdom's teacher.
There is proof enough that God is invisible to all,
and to those through the Son and to the Son himself the same (God) is invisible.
I will say exactly how the Invisible is seen by the Son:
By the power by which (a) God can see, and in proper measures,
the Son sustains the vision of the Father as is right.

Or rather there is a Trinity with glories not alike;
Their existences are unmixable with each other;
One is more glorious than another by an infinity of glories.

The Father is essentially foreign to the Son because he exists unbegun.
Understand then that the Unity was, but the Duality was not, before he existed.
So straight away when there is no Son, the Father is God.
Thus the Son who was not, but existed at the paternal will,
is only-begotten God, and he is distinct from everything else.
Wisdom existed as wisdom by the will of a wise God.

He is conceived by so many million concepts,
as spirit..., power, wisdom,
glory of God, truth and image and word.
Understand that he is conceived also as effulgence and light.
One equal to the Son the Supreme is able to beget,
but more excellent, superior or greater he cannot.
How old and how great the Son is by God's will—
since when, and from what point, even since then he existed from God.
For being a mighty God he hymns the Supreme in part.

To sum up, God exists ineffable to the Son,
for he is to himself what he is, that is, unutterable,
so that none of the things said...will the Son
know how to express comprehensively; for it is impossible for him
to explore the Father who exists by himself.
For the Son himself does not know his own essence;
for being Son he truly came to be at his Father's will.
What logic then permits the one who is from a Father
to know by comprehension the one who begot him?
For clearly for what has a beginning to encompass
by thought or apprehension the one who is unbegun, is impossible.

- Arius of Alexandria (AD 256 - 336)

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