Letter from Edward
The Scientific Community Thru
The Mount Wilson Observatory

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To the scientific world Thru the Mt. Wilson Observatory

Mt. Wilson Calif.

To whom it may concern:

This is to certify, That I have found the Key To all Existance. And all I ask of any one Is for them to read What I am about to say. Because it is not my purpose to tell What you already know. And consequently the proof Shall follow and establish My work to make it law.

For the key to all existance Is the key to the Law By which all things Come into existance and therefore my word Is the key to that law to be verified by proof Listen therefore to what I say As follows:

The Moon Is practically all Water frozen or Ice It was formed By water evaporating From the earth Which arose and gathered Between the Earth and Sun It is hollow Like a pumpkin The inside is composed of that part of the air known as Nitrogen And very very cold Consequently its water is frozen.

If the crust of the moon Was removed, it would be a Sun bright enough To destroy the earth. There is no life upon the moon, but Without the moon There would be no life upon the earth.

There is no land upon the moon Except what has been made By falling (debris) from the sky But without the moon There would be no land Upon the earth, and consequently all life Would be in the water. and Therefore we say that there is no life Upon the Moon by reason of atmospheric conditions. But There is an abundance of life In the Moon or in the waters Of the Northern half.

There is no rain there The light is always the same and the temperature has not changed One degree in a million years The water is H20. The Ice is as pure as snow and consequently the air is N40 and To make a long story short. That is a physical paradise.

Upon the (Southern) half however The sun has never shown, Except (thru) the reflections of The Earth and stars Which is approximately Five times greater Than the light of the moon Upon the earth. Where the days and nights are equal. Fourteen days of night and Fourteen days In the light of the earth. And not a very ( ) place For life of any kind, and First to be explored by man.

Which will be done in time. These facts I will prove. In part, thru the Moving Picture World, by speaking a few words to them which will enable them to make a moving picture of the Moon in which it will appear to fall Upon the earth, and apparently come Within the reach of human hands.

The Earth, upon which we live Was created between the sun and the worlds center of gravity and fanned by the burning of Oxygen in the center ( ) and made by the remains of life and the mixing of the elements From above and from below. And it lies in the ( ) of Equal attentions and resistance Between the center of the Earth and the lines of Equal attractions and resistance above the earth. And consequently it is a hollow shell filled with Nitrogen.

Even as Nitrogen exists above the (earth) and the attraction and resistance From the center of the earth Is equal to that above the earth and an object placed below the crust of the earth, would fall upwards Even as it would fall downward If placed above the earth and with the same rapidity.

(Escaping) that the one (force) below would (loose) in velocity And the one from above would grow in velocity And so it is with the (line) of Equal attraction and Resistance above the earth. Where a common ball would flote like a feather and if two balls were liberated together, one above and one below The one above would go away From the earth. With the same increased velocity as the one below would gain In returning to the earth.

The Moon rests, or floats In that line of equal attraction and resistance - The Corona of the Earth and it cannot fall to the earth By reason of the earths resistance and it cannot fall from the earth By reason of the earths attraction and consequently it moves and floats In its orbit around the Earth.

If the crust of the earth was removed, a Sun would be revealed with such powerful Resistance, that it would Be cast out of the Solar System If the crust of the earth was doubled in weight It would sink Toward the sun One half the distance It is from it to day. And therefore by this Information, I will prove The thickness of the crust of the earth.

By the worlds great mathematitions, which will also determine the composition of all the (solar) planets and even that of the sun itself. First however I will tell them Their composition, that by (These) figures, they may prove the veracity of my (word).

The Moon moves in its orbit Of the earths resistance and the crust of the earth Moves in its orbit of resistance which in earths case is From the center of the earth and therefore it is not necessary for the earth To have any particular Thickness. And in fact there is no land at all covering the North Pole And if a common (ball) was (lessened) of the Earths Center of gravity, between

Them and the North Pole It would leave with such velocity that it would come To the surface of the water of the North Pole, providing The Ice was cleared away when it would have arrived and then it would sink and rest above the lower edge of the Earths Crust

and that is the substance of that universal Law which is given to all solar planets thru the sun. They were all created by him and (thus) they maintain his law and that same law came from the center of universal gravity (sh-) fourth In many generations- Many Suns in the center of as many systems. And therefore a careful study of our own Solar System means the comprehention

(To a certain extent) of the vastness of the universe. But at the present time, a thorough understanding is too strong For the human mind. Suffice it to say however That these few words will pave the way that leads to all understanding which lies within my hands.

In the spring of 1904, at the age of 29 I was admitted to the study of that Law and for thirteen years I carefully followed That voice which called me Son of Man. And since the month of June 1914 I have written many chapters which As yet are held in vain by Those to who I wrote. Therefore I have turned to those of scientific Research to give to them what I have by writing Ten chapters. and whenever I am recognized There will I abide To draw all men to me.

Know you therefore all of you That seek the truth in any capacity that I stand upon the foundation of the law from whence all things sprang And that I am able to deliver you From all misunderstanding. and In that capacity, I speak, not the Words of man but of Him That made All Things. I thank you Very Kindly.

Etholeum - The base of all existance - it is One with Electricity and There is no place where It does not exist. It is the conduit of The Light between all of the planets and thru the telephone and the radio and without it There would be no Earth Because there would be No sound. to be transferred between

The planets and Life upon the earth Etholeum, therefore is the Mother of all planetary existance and In her all things are begotten To be concieved and born of her (Providing they have not already Been born) the last of which Is human understanding.

Electricity the spirit of all existance. Is one with Etholeum and the positive extreme of all things made between it and Etholeum. And therefore the universe Is charged with Electricity By the center of universal gravity Thru all the (planets) Even as a battery is charged From the elements Than a ( ) and the planets are (strange)

By which they move and have their ( ) In their regular orbits and therefore there is places in the universe where Some things do not (exist) but there is no place where these two extremes do not exist.

Nitrogen the first Form of creation between Electricity and Etholeum, (In which the light (opposed) In the center of universal gravity and Therefore it sprang to all Planets when then centers of gravity was formed.) Is that element that envelops The earth and the center that lies beneath the crust of the earth. Pure Nitrogen beneath and Oxygen and nitrogen above the crust of the earth.

Mixed to the consistency of Life above and death below, the crust of the earth And so it is within and upon all of the planets of heaven, ( ) that hydrogen exists In sufficient quantities upon Them, there is Life, but the center of them all is Pure Nitrogen.

Oxygen that element of the Air and water that envelopes the earth. In all the planets was created by Electricity in the midst of Nitrogen. and to day it is created By the light of the sun upon the surface of the water Between the air and the water. And so (perfect) is this ( ) of creation that oxygen is always the same in the air and in the water.

Regardless of how much may be consumed by fire. and in fact the water and the air could not be without oxygen For in their primitive forms they were Hydrogen and Nitrogen and it took oxygen to make The water and the air, which was and is by the rays of the sun.

Hydrogen, was created by Electricity between Nitrogen and Oxygen and the three forms the Trinity of Life Even as Electricity, Nitrogen and Etholeum form the trinity of all planetary existance. Electricity the (passtime p) thru Nitrogen the passtime Entrance ( ) Hydrogen between Nitrogen and Oxygen and these ( ) forms the air and the water with the surface of the earth.and that of the water between which is the trinity of the worlds existance. By the gathering of the water below and above to form the firmament which in the beginning God called Heaven, and wherein we live.

And Life was created in the water Before the earth was formed And there it grew in great abundance Between the Air and the water and each atmospheric condition Brought forth new forms of Life (Until) the land appeared to support another form of life which came in the air (above) the same as it came in the water below the firmament. The (end) of what was found in the electrical radiance of the sun and

(Thereby) planted in the water and upon the land and there it grew and passed away according to atmospheric conditions thru out the ages that led onward toward the earths (perfection) until the present times.

Man was created at the end of the day of imperfect atmospheric conditions and his birth created a (Kingdom) to rule the earth and How man endowed with the possibility of Thought Knowledge and Understanding which is the ( ) of human perfections When the three are one. But until the present time the truth has been withheld By reason of human ignorance.

and the inability to grasp it when it appeared in sufficient strength to reveal the creation of the earth and universe and the human mind never would Have been sufficiently strong, had it not Have been for astronomical and scientific research, and therefore I hereby commend you all to them.

The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost In human creation means the same as Electricity The Sun and Etholeum In Solar Creation With the throne in the Sun The Center of the Solar System Even as the Son of Man Is the (Throne) of Human (Existance) In the midst of Men Then to overcome all Mankind, even as the Solar System is (ruled) by the sun God, the Father, in all forms of Creation Is that same, (power) Father or God, that First came into the center of Universal Gravity

The Sun or Son of God Is His throne whether physical or mental and due to prevail upon the earth Even as the Sun prevails in the universe the Holy Ghost is the possibility of Creation, the negative (power) to receive the passive spirit, in order that the created may arise between the Holy and the Unholy.

Thought, Knowledge and understanding Is also the ( ) Those ancient words. Which is the trinity of that Kingdom To rule the Earth and therefore the same condition Exist to day among men, that did exist in the beginning Before the sun was born. We have the two (entrances) But Knowledge has not arisen between Thought therefore in every human mind is simply another word meaning God within us

Knowledge means the return of The son of man and understanding means that he will draw all men to him By the proof he holds within his hands Because the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, or Spirit is to every human mind the same, as Thought Knowledge and understanding which is divine.

Government, of by and for the people Is another trinity to ( ) the forward stride of civilization By making laws to be obeyed by some and disobeyed by others. For the ( ) of some and the destruction of (others) and Founded upon the propositions of Equal Liberty and Justice for all. Government of all people, is of those that make the Law By those that obey it.

And for those that (brake) it. And when the Fathers are one with the Sons, by obeying the laws they make, the law will be inforced in the far extreme and the human race will be one Indivisible people with Liberty and Justice for all.

The Election of Law Officials by the people for the purpose of Inforcing the Law Is the transforming of Government From the hands of the people to ( ) of a few and therefore If the officials of the Law are obedient to it, To begin with, the Law is inforced by a two thirds Majority, ( ) the election should terminate, In the honesty of Alfred E. Smith who made this Immortal Statement: Hoover is the not the president of the Republican Party But the president of the United States Like the Father and the Son he (tries)

To these convictions and the Law to begin with, Is Inforced by a two thirds majority And it shall prevail In the far extreme Until Crime shall vanish from all the Earth Never to return of any great consequence and never in the majority Beyond the power of the law to ( ) it.

And now I must conclude My words to you By saying that the constitution and its Eighteen Amendments shall never fall But by these four last chapters 19, 20, 21 & 22. It shall be transformed From a mighty oak tree to a royal palm. Because these four chapters are four more amendments To it, to grow thereon. Which I hereby Trust to you of the Astronomical and the scientific world.

Because you have used the talents of your minds ( ) and Have not hid them in the and consequently you are (worthy) to receive my words. In witness where of I set my hand and affix the (seal) of ( ) By signing my name - Edward.

The End


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