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CERUTI, BENEDETTO & ANDREA. Musaeum Franc. Calceolari jun. Veronesis . . . Luculenter & perfectum. Verona, Angelo Tamus, 1622.

The best catalogue of the natural history collection of Francesco Calzolari of Verona, first described by Giovanni Battista Oliva of Cremona in 1584. Calzolari was an associate of Aldrovandus and wrote the supplement to Mattioli's De plantis epitome, 1586. His is still remembered as a botanist by the flower caceolaria, named after him and there are references in this book to plant hunting expeditions on Monte Baldo near Verona for medicinal herbs. The collection was largely formed by the elder Calzolari but continued by his son and became one of the most extensive in Italy. Many of the specimens such as a monoceros horn sent by Maximilian from Prague via Mattioli, a ‘barnacle goose’ in its shell, and cerauniae or stone axes (compared by Chiocco with comparable pre-Colombian artefacts) would have found a place in the typical Northern Wunderkammer but the strength of the collection lay rather in the botanical and mineralogical specimens.

- Parikian, From Wunderkammer to Museum


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